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NASA in UPROAR over stunning ‘death planet’ discovery

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NASA experts have been left baffled by the discovery of an astonishing new planet that “defies all expectations”.

Boffs have dubbed Wasp-18b – 325 light years away from Earth – “death planet” due to its hellish atmosphere that has never been encountered before.

It has no water and is smothered in carbon monoxide making it impossible for life to be supported there.

And it is believed to be so close to its star that radiation would wipe out anything on it.

It’s also enormous, weighing 10 times more than Jupiter thus making it the largest known gas planet in our solar system.

Kyle Sheppard, a NASA expert, said: “The composition of WASP-18b defies all expectations.

“We don’t know of any other extrasolar planet where carbon monoxide so completely dominates the upper atmosphere.”

The discovery marks a breakthrough due to how it may have been formed compared to planets we already know about.

Dr Nikku Madhusadhan, who took part in the study, said: “The only consistent explanation for the data is an overabundance of carbon monoxide and very little water vapor in the atmosphere of WASP-18b, in addition to the presence of a stratosphere.

“This rare combination of factors opens a new window into our understanding of physicochemical processes in exoplanetary atmospheres.”

It comes after Daily Star Online revealed how whacky conspiracists believe a series of NASA photos of the Moon prove that aliens are living there.

A YouTube blogger says a string of images show buildings on the planets, along with proof on mining.


Source : Uk daily star

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