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How to make money in student life?

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Do you know which time is considered as the golden time of life? Exactly! I believe it is your university life. You are like a free bird! You can do whatever you want — you can go wherever you want. Anytime.

For such a lifestyle, no matter how carefully you budget your monthly expenditure, halfway through the month something new always comes up and you’re in need of some extra money.
Here are six effective ways you can make a little extra money without skipping your academic tasks and activities to make it work!


Tutoring is the most convenient money making procedure for the undergraduate students in terms of Bangladesh. No matter where you are living — there are thousands of opportunities available for you if you  are skilled at any of the secondary and higher secondary courses e.g. English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting or Finance etc.

Tutoring can be a great opportunity to help your students gain an understanding of those courses while improving your own teaching skills. You can earn pretty decent cash based on your location, your specialization and your expertise. The best thing with tutoring is you can decide your own working hours and reschedule with your students without too much hassle if any deadlines pop up.

Research assisting

Most of the university professors, market research agencies, scientists, businesses, and media companies recruit research assistant, often a temporary contact, for the purpose of assisting different academic researches, business researches and projects.
As a research assistant, you’ll have to conduct research, collect data, analyze critically and finally present the data in a neat, concise manner.

Along with paying hard cash, Research assisting has a lot to offer. An assistantship lets you gather experiences in a relevant field or job profile which can be added to your portfolio. It endeavours to develop your communication skills enabling you to expand your network. You’ll get to meet a lot of people — professors, lab mates, and people from other labs. Not to mention, such experiences may aid you indirectly later in your professional life.

Writing and editing
As a student, you have to spend hours after hours writing for academic purposes. Do you know you can get paid by many brands, newspapers, magazines, journals, popular blogs, independent websites and portals to help communicate their messages in the real world?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of brands who remain hungry for people with great writing skills to promote their products and services.

Freelance writing can be an excellent way of making money after regular classes and studies as it allows you work on your flexible hours which lets your creativity juices flow incorporating your expertise.

The world of freelancing is open to you if you have skill that others would hire you to perform. This can be graphic designing, digital marketing, writing and translation, animation, programming or other administrative work. There are plenty of online marketplace designed for clients looking for freelancers and freelancers looking for jobs like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Student Freelance, and Guru.

The best thing with freelancing is you are your own boss — you get to decide exactly what type of work you do, what time of the day you work and for how long at a time.

From 2014, the ICT division has been offering training programmes in freelancing skills such as graphic designing, web development and designing, and digital marketing for free to the undergraduate students countrywide. By utilizing the opportunity, you can make money working at home.


Wouldn’t it be nice to make money doing something you love? Yes, I’m talking about photography. There are a bunch of ways for earning money through photography. As a student, you can do freelance photography work for local newspapers and magazines, join photo contests and offer wedding photography services.

Photography blog and YouTube channel can be a great idea to earn money by monetizing your content online. If you have a sizable collection of high quality photos, you can stock and sell them through trusted stock photography sites like ShutterStock, iStock, BigStock, and Flickr.


YouTube is a new generation earning platform. If you are a creative and enthusiastic lad, YouTube can be better choice for you to make money online. There are hundreds of popular genre on YouTube e.g. educational contents, self-improvement contents, gaming contents, vlogs, tutorials, comedy videos, parody videos, product reviews and many more.

Find out your expertise, develop groundbreaking video content and finally monetize your content through Google AdSense. YouTube not only pays you revenue, but also helps you in gaining massive popularity among youths around you.


Source : Daily Observer



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