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Is Sleeping at Afternoon Beneficial to Health?

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Many people want to sleep on the lazy afternoon. But is it good to sleep in afternoon after lunch?

Some people say sleeping in the afternoon is not good for the body. However, studies have shown that moderate rest at noon is beneficial for health. Professor Philip German of the University of Pennsylvania’s psychology professor said that the short-term sleep does not only eliminate the body’s laziness, as well as the ability to work in a person’s overall ability, creativity as well as enhances mood.

Researchers also believe that the short rest of the afternoon may increase the immunity of the body and reduce the risk of heart disease. However, if there are excessive sleeping habits in the afternoon, researchers have warned that it will cause nighttime sleep disturbances.

As long as you can sleep at noon: Sleep may be 15 to 30 minutes at noon, your laziness can be cut. But if you feel mentally weak, you can give a brief sleep for 90 minutes. The reason is that you will go to bed at a deeper level than you slept, which will cause you to wake up from sleep, restlessly relax, uncomfortable more.

Do not sleep immediately after exercise: Researchers say, exercise should not be done before noon and at night. Because exercise stimulates the brain, it becomes difficult to sleep. So you have to think of going to bed after at least 2 hours of exercise, And if you follow certain routines about sleeping, you get the benefit. Because the body can understand when to wake up when to wake up.

Do not sleep for everyone at all: One thing must be kept in mind – If you do not feel like sleeping at noon, then it is better not to try. It is also known in the study that almost 50 percent of people do not need to sleep in the afternoon. If you think it is not necessary to sleep at noon, then you can assume that your body is really well-developed.

References: Times of India

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