Selena wants to sing in Bollywood movies

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Star singer Selena Gomez wants to sing in Bollywood movies Recently, in a press release in India, the American pop star said this.

She likes to work with the Oscar-winning composer and musician AR Rahman and she wants to give voice to her voice.

Selena Gomez said, ‘I like AR Rahman’s work. She is an internationally renowned personality. I want to sing with him or sing his tune. I think, if you can give voice to Bollywood cinema, it will be very good.

Abrar Rahman’s reputation in India as well as the international arena. Along with Indian cinema, she has sung in Hollywood such as Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Million Dollar Arms, People Like Like and Pele: Birth of a Legend.

On the other hand, Disney has worked in a series of ‘Wizards of the Weaverly Place’ series and she has got a special introduction to Selena Gomez. The singer has gifted popular songs like ‘Come and Get It’, ‘Shem Old Love’ and ‘Hands to Myself’.

She also starred in the film Anander Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program, Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers. Hotel Transilvania Three: Summer Vacation is the voice of the movie ‘Mavis’. Now the singer-actress is busy with the film campaign. Not only that, Selena, Executive Producer of NetFlix’s popular ’13 Reasons ‘White’ series.

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