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Last minute tips for SSC examinees

Khalid Hasan

After two years of preparation, the SSC exam finally sits on the horizon. You have spent hours and hours studying, solving problems and sorting out strategies in different tests. Now the time has come to apply all that you have learned. However, you can do many things to derail yourself from your desired destination.
So, before you start putting your final step into the SSC exam, take note of these facts that will help you to stay focused!

Avoid stress
Exam stress need not always be negative. It prompts you into action. So, use it to your advantage. In fact, a small amount of stress will encourage you to work harder and think faster. Do not let it build up too much.
However, studying the night before an exam and experiencing a bad exam at some point during the SSC examination make the stress level out of stand. Therefore, it is important to address the fact to get back the stress under control and eliminate the risk of burnout in the next examination.

Take healthy sleep
Most of us tend to study the whole content all night before the exam. Sleep, particularly deep sleep, is important for memory formation. Getting a good night’s sleep help students by improving their memory and concentration. If you cannot sleep before an exam, it may have a negative impact on your mood.

Turn off the technology
Despite their usefulness, smartphones can be something of a scourge when you know that it is time to hit the books. Try to put your phone in silent mode and place it at the other end of the room. You might intend to use your computer for studying but you can easily find yourself on Facebook or YouTube instead. If you really need to access certain online resources, then download all of the necessary information at the start of your session before you turn off your Internet access.

Get longer break
SSC exam schedules will definitely allow a little time for a study break. This can include 20-minute breaks during your revision day. Go out for dinner with family, indulge in physical activities such as games and sports or anything that you like doing in your spare time. Spending a little time away from the books will leave you feeling more refreshed and relaxed the next time you revise.

Go public
One of the most frustrating things about the examinees is that they completely detach themselves from public communications during the exam. Well, a certain amount of detachment is a good thing for staying concentrated. Going public and spending quality times with family will succor you to take a leave from the stressful exam pressure. Such a break will surely help you to perform to your full potential at an exam.

Think positive
During the exam, we are under heaps of pressure. Being under pressure makes relaxing a challenge.  After all, it is very hard to keep a positive mindset when you and everyone around you know that you are on top of your academic workload. Nevertheless, you need to think positive in order to stay focused and confident.
Thinking about previous positive experiences and achievements will help to improve confidence. Besides, reminding yourself of your preparation can be a great source of confidence. Try to put emphasis on yourself and do not compare with others. Finally see the exam as a challenge, not as a threat.


Source : Daily Observer


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