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Najma Akhter: Only Woman Rickshaw-Cycle Repairer In The Capital

Only woman Rickshaw-Cycle Repairer Najma Akhter

If you walk beside the footpath on the western side of the Abahani field, you will see some of the rickshaw-cycle repair shops in front of. Coming to this place in the capital’s Dhanmondi, the sound of tangent, tungtong drizzles the ears of people, with the noise of the car and the horn of the car.

Here Rickshaw-cycle repair workers are busy working on their own. Very easy natural-looking sapling scenery. But the eyes get stuck in a completely unfamiliar scene. Large outdoor umbrella tied on the bamboo pillar. The rickshaw repair equipment under the umbrella is arranged by thirteen. In front of her, a woman is working to repair the rickshaw. What is the method of life and livelihood in the city of Dhaka called the people? This exchange of labor and sweat sales is not behind the cycle of women. But a woman in the rickshaw repair work! The second look of such scenes across the city does not seem to be visible. Curiosity goes forward and talks with him.

His name is Nazma Akter. Age 45 Birth and Growth in Dacca. Nazma Akhter said, ‘Dad was Rikshamastri. With the exception of rickshaw pulling equipment, I have been growing since birth. As a result, the work did not have to be learned new again. Work efficiency is increasing as the age progresses. But take it as a profession, in the beginning it was not like that at all. Najma started her life as a married woman and ten other Bengali girls, Najma. ‘After going for some time, the husband’s behavior changed. Tortured and insulted. I could not believe it. “He said.

Najma then realized that financial self-sufficiency could free him from this humiliation. I did not think it was a moment. Baba took the job of teaching the teacher as a career. But there is no anger towards the late husband, there is a kind of gratitude to him. Many people have become acceptable to the dead husband’s unacceptable behavior today. Has become an example of self-reliance

Najma Akter was established not only as a skilled rickshaw but also as a rickshaw repair coach. His disciples are scattered all over the city and his disciples are scattered They are very respected as Ustad. Present husband Abdur Rahman is also his one-time disciple. That year is also the year before the year. Abdur Rahman, who gave a lot of pain in his work, did not give any grief to him. Since then twenty years of granite. What changed after the husband became a husband? Najma refused to question the two by shaking his head. He said, ‘He is not far away from spontaneity, he is very respected. Sometimes called ” Ustad ” in addressing. ‘How does this call? Najma got some shame He said, ‘It feels good. When it comes to people that they call me “that is my teacher”, it does not feel bad. Even though shame takes shame.

Najma Akhtar, a mother of five. Two sons and three daughters. They all started doing this work. Please give technical knowledge from your father to the next generation. He thinks that there is no division of work because of ‘work of women and man’s work’. Knowing that any job can be taken as the means of livelihood of men or women, Exceptional woman Najma Akhter believes.

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