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Productive People

By Ira Zenith

The word productive often describes a person’s capability to do a lot of work.
Productive people possess both the skills and experiences to help their fate. We know how important it is to find the best possible people for any job.
• Productive people cut their to do list thoughtfully by almost half. They know too well that they do not need 100 tasks in their to-do list. They take a less is more approach when it comes to planning their work day by only accomplishing those that are important.
• Productive people know the difference between urgent and important. Extremely productive unicorns know how to differentiate urgent tasks and important tasks. They focus on getting what matters done instead of dividing their hours into trying to finish different urgent tasks.
• Productive people create a system for even the most mundane tasks, such as checking their emails. They receive a short and specific time slot for managing their inbox, so they can concentrate more on what is necessary to fulfill their goals for the day.
• Productive people place their focus on doing tasks that matter most as efficiently as possible. They multitask effectively by choosing to pair less important. For instance, a highly productive person with a complementary important task. Such as, a highly productive person writes notes about ideas on a potential project while waiting for a board meeting to start. Productive unicorns are also aware that they should only multitask if the other less important thing can be accomplished using a very small amount of diversion and energy.
• Productive people know when to shut the door. They know when to ditch the goals that do not matter to them anymore.
• Productive people know when to take a break. They take breaks by going for walk as they listen to their favourite jam, watches a short comedy sketch, or getting a snack. They know that they can achieve greater efficiency when they let their brains rest from several long hours of work.
Choose to reach peak productivity levels on any given work day by forgetting about looking like a busy donkey and transform yourself into a productive unicorn today.

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