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Nihi Kenzo The German model

Interviewed by Ira Zenith

T: Hello Nihi!
N: Hello Zenith!

T:So tell me about your childhood and yourself…
I was born in March in Karlsruhe, Germany 1991. When I was young I already had the chance to travel a lot with my family. We were living in the States for 1 year as well. Also plenty of times to Britain and other countries. That is why I not only grew up with German as my mother tongue, but also commonly with English. My parents planned to move to the States, however due to difficulties we didn’t in the end. I was already walking at the age of 3 month, which surprised everyone reasonably. While I was able to do that, I was very fascinated from the TV. This led to me watching a lot of MTV and dancing in front of the television. My parents told me later on, I somehow felt very comfortable with TVs and Cameras, so that if I ever cried which was a rare case, they just had to take out the camera and I immediately started laughing. Even when we were eating, I had the habit to love watching myself in the mirror while eating. Sounds funny, eh? Every kid has a dream to become something. Astronaut, name it. For me it was becoming an Actor. But because it is just a child’s dream, even today I never expected it to become reality and/or close to reach. I studied a lot of things, went to schools and universities at which I graduated as Media Designer, Marketing and at last even Ophthalmologist. But it wasn’t what I wanted to become. I did it mainly for the certificate and references for my future. I could not feel happy at all in Germany. I needed to leave! I then moved to China (6 Months) for a new life. However it didn’t work out as expected and somehow was more like a waiting time anyway. Because after that I immediately went to Japan, in where I am living now for 2,5 years. Had a rough time in the beginning, as my ex business-partner fooled me and I had no money. But I managed to reach a good life right now and potential to fulfill my childhood’s dreams. I am already almost fluent in Japanese, which surprises everyone due to the short time of 2,5 years. But I have always had some love for East Asian cultures since I was a kid. One reason I am doing Martial Arts since I was 8 years old. As if I was meant to be here later on…

T: You are such a good story teller… Tell me something about your passion Success and Goals…
N: My advice about passion, success…goals? Here are some words of wisdom from my experience and attitude. If I have reached my goals yet? Yes and no. You can reach your goals every day. It depends on how you set them. But it is also important to set new goals and slightly higher ones after you accomplished yours. It certainly is important and critically necessary to have passion for what you desire. But nevertheless it is also important to have people not dragging you down. I am talking about anyone, no matter how close you are to them. If someone has a negative impact on your life, separate from them. Me isolating from the poisonous part of my family was the best decision I have ever made. Way too long I was not aware of how negative the impact was. Since then my life is going better. Now only my Dad is left, and he supports me in everything I do. Probably the best Dad you can imagine. He has always been there for me. From my young to old. No one else is supposed to live your life rather than yourself. So start being a little selfish and upgrade the broken parts of your life. Do what you are interested in and try your best with consciousness about consequences. If you have a good feeling about something, go for it! However, don’t turn ignorant. Maybe it is just a phase! Gather information and advices from people with experience. Not get controlled by them! That is the key to become your true self and reach your goals in the best possible way.

T: I can perceive that, you are head straight and clear about life and its goals… On people around you and about you… Thank you Nihi for your time and wise words… You are a gem I wish you every success.

N: Thank you Zenith.

Let me know when you are done.

And about the reference.
I barely use Facebook.
But my Instagram is @nihi_mode

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