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I wrote stories for my fellow students: Nicholas Denmon

Nicholas Denmon, master of storytelling of the time. Beyond the limitation, he can bring up a story from the core of eternal observation.

His book “Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax” is just the great representation of his storytelling art. In talking with Tarunnoloak, Nicholas talked about his writing and the new book. Let’s have a look.

Tarunnoloak: How long you are writing?

Nicholas Denmon: I have been writing since I was about eight years old. I used to write stories in school in exchange for the nickels and dimes of fellow students. They used to request stories with their names in them. My first professional novel was released much later, however, in 2011.

Tarunnoloak: What motivates you to do such actions?

Nicholas Denmon: I love to tell stories. I like to see people’s eyes light up as they imagine the impossible. If you can imagine the impossible, then through that, it actually does become possible. Doesn’t it? Once we think of something, it can be done.

Tarunnoloak: You can do magic with words… How?

Nicholas Denmon: The magic with words has always been something that came to me naturally. Whether it comes from divine providence, or luck, I am not sure. But the ability to play with words and to toy with their arrangements in meaningful ways has always been a part of who I am.

Tarunnolok: Tell us something about your life that might motivate a lot the aspiring writers
Nicholas Denmon: I think aspiring writers need to just drop the word “aspiring”. Don’t aspire to be a writer. Just write. As soon as you tell a story, and you type it out, you are no longer an aspiring writer but an actual writer. Don’t be afraid to be a writer. Tell your stories and aspire no more.

Tarunnoloak: Do you believe your writings might affect other writers?

Nicholas Denmon: I hope my writings affect other writers in a positive way. I try to help people feel something, anything, more than the basic emotions that cloud our daily lives. Some people don’t need such help, and for those people, I hope to give them the knowledge that they aren’t alone. That many people feel as they do, that others feel things acutely. If I help one writer or any one person in this way, then I can sleep easily at night.

Tarunnoloak: Thank you for giving us time. Best wishes for your book from tarunnoloak.

Nicholas Denmon: It’s my pleasure to be featured in your news portal.

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