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German parliament invited Dhaka University student

Academic Exchange Service of the German Ministry of Education and Research

Syed Rashed Hassan Chowdhury. Students of Dhaka University are now spreading talent in the international arena. The Dean’s Merit List of Honor and Dean’s Merit List of Excellence Award respectively were honored by the University of Dhaka in Honors and Masters respectively. Currently he is studying at Ankara University in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi student was nominated for scholarship for Summer School in the Academic Exchange Service (DAD-018) of the German Ministry of Education and Research. He was invited to the National Assembly of Germany. The student has been invited to represent Bangladesh’s flag with students from more than 21 countries in the world. Rashed is researching as the Senior Research Fellow of the School Coordinator of the Center for Research and Falci Studies and the Research Center of Civilization, Social Science and Humanity Studies.

Syed Rashed Hassan Chowdhury is the principal of Matabarnagar Madrasa in Kamalnagar upazila of Laxmipur and son of Maulana Alias ​​Hosain, president of the Upazila Imam Samity.

On August 20, he said, “Confessionalization Theory” in Germany’s University of Euphrates, on September 20, at Gottingen University, on September 20, will present research articles on women’s safety in South Asia.

It is to be mentioned that Rashed was nominated for higher education at Ankara University in 2016 in Turkish Government Scholarship. The first place in the faculty of the first post of postgraduate examination from that university. He also received gold medal in international competition in Turkey in 2017.

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