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You Tube’s New Feature To Know How Much Time You Spend Here

YouTube's new feature 'Digital Wellbing'

Addiction in technology is one of the most worrying issues of the present day. Technology addiction in human life has become increasingly prominent. And so the people of technology have been able to spend more time with the real world by adopting technology and technology companies themselves.

In the same sequence, the Facebook authorities have opened their Facebook and Instagram users time management features. Now at the same time, the management features Google brings users to YouTube.

YouTube’s new feature is called ‘Digital Wellbing’. Through this you can find information about how much time you spend on the YouTube app, you can use ‘Reminders’ to avoid spending more time on YouTube, and you can control the notification.

Through the ‘Time Watch’ feature of ‘Digital Wellbong’, you can find out how much time you spent last week on YouTube, how much time spent yesterday and how much time has spent on it. If you have seen YouTube spend too much time, then there is a daily ‘reminder’ option to control it. When you use YouTube in more than one of the time mentioned in the reminder, you will notify YouTube through pop-up messages.

There are also notification control facilities. When this option will not come to YouTube’s push notification all day. Rather, all daytime notifications will come together at the specified time of your reference. Also, notification sounds and vibration can be turned off for a specific time.

The ‘Digital Wellbeing’ feature can be used from the YouTube app’s account menu.

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