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Robot teaches at kindergarten school!

robots are working in China's 600 kindergartens

To see a strong body structure, a kind of illusory robot, is now working as a teacher in a kindergarten school in China. This robot’s job is to solve various problems, telling children stories.

This robot is only 60 centimeters tall. He walks through the small wheels, a big screen acts as his face. This robot teacher named ‘Kiko’ costs $ 1,500, which is a monthly salary for teachers of kindergarten.

These robots are working in China’s 600 kindergartens. Very soon all other kindergartens in China will start teaching these robots. Besides, China is planning to reach the robot in all other South East Asian countries.

When the children can make a right question, or answer the exact question of that robot, then the robot’s sign appears to be profitable. Many headmasters of the school said that this robot teacher is somewhat weak than the people, but they are more dependent than the people.

This robot camera acts as a sensor, as well as the video journal can record.

Robot teachers are not the first to see this. Earlier in 2010 Robot Teacher was used in school for teaching English in South Korea.

China has made a lot of money under the ‘Made in China 2025’ project to develop artificial intelligence. A survey of the International Federation Robots said that China is the world leader in using robots for manufacturing. About three and a half million robot units are being used in the manufacturing and automotive sectors in the country. In addition, the service robot market in China last year was $ 1.3 billion.

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