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Four top Russian bloggers visited Bangladesh for the first time

Russian bloggers

Four top Russian bloggers reached Dhaka on Monday with the aim of highlighting Bangladesh and its tourism prospects in front of the Russian people and adding new ones to bilateral.

This 8-day tour has been organized by the Russian firm ASE Group of Companies or Export Import Exporters to implement Rooppur nuclear power project. This is Russia’s state-of-the-art nuclear power corporation- Rashtom’s engineering division.

During the visit, bloggers will be able to visit various important tourist destinations of Bangladesh as well as learn about the people of this country, life, culture and heritage. They will share the experience they have with their blog followers.

There are plans to travel to different places of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Tangail, Mahasthangarh, Paharpur, Bagerhat, Sunderbans, Chittagong and Bandarban. They will also see the implementation of Rooppur nuclear power project in Bangladesh and Russia, one of the key indicators of mutual cooperation and friendship.

Senior Vice President of AS Group of Companies- International Projects Alexander Khan Khazin said, “Organizing a visit to Russian bloggers is a reflection of our commitment to Bangladesh and its friendly people. We are happy to be involved in the ongoing socio-economic development process of Bangladesh. In order to achieve the goal of becoming a developed country in 2041, the demand for green and clean energy in Bangladesh will be multiplied. I firmly believe that Rooppur nuclear power project will play an important role in meeting this demand. ”

He said that at present 392 gigawatt nuclear power is being generated in the world, which has prevented carbon dioxide emissions from 200 million tonnes per year. Note that all the world’s forests collectively absorb carbon dioxide from 250 million tons of water per year.

Welcoming the Russian bloggers in Bangladesh, Kazi Wahidul Alam, the country’s largest aviation and tourism expert, said, “Rooppur nuclear power project has created a new possibility for Bangladesh’s emerging tourism sector. I hope friendly Russian guests will help create a positive view of Bangladesh in Russia and around the world.

Russian bloggers are: Alegl Cricket (Instagram: @olegcricket), Dmitry Lausavin (Instagram: @dimalazykin), Irina Goldman (Instagram: @veryire) and Nikita Ttherev (Instagram: @nikita_teterev). In Instagram, their total number of followers is 16 million.

Only about 10 million followers of Alec cricket. According to some media, he is currently the most popular blogger in Russia. Dmitry Laushin is a fashion blogger. European champion of professional video graphist Nikita Teeterev Parker. The popular editor of the popular fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, Irina Goldman, is known for her instagram blog and pet dog (Siberian Haski). She has traveled around the world, including a dog named Sprint Spaces. Recently, with the space, he climbed the highest mountain mountain (564m) in Europe. The dog has been accompanying him on the tour of Bangladesh.

Irina said on her reaction to the tour of Bangladesh, “I am very excited to be able to travel to Bangladesh, because this is my second visit to Asia after Thailand. The recent tour of Europe has been very boring for me, I want to see and enjoy something new. Bangladesh is completely new to me and another world. I’m sure this tour will be a source of inspiration for me. I want to know about exchange of people with their people and their journey of life. ‘

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