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What to remember when writing a CV

what to remember when writing a CV

The main objective of CV or Curriculum Vitae is to show you the employer as a qualified, skilled job seeker.Even the employer should call you to choose the right person for the job, that is the main purpose of the CV . Here what to remember when writing a CV


* At the beginning of the CV, please clearly write your name, contact address, phone number. Do not write ‘Biodata’, ‘Curriculum vitae’ or ‘Resume’ as the title. It is unnecessary and looks stupid. You can use different font types for writing. But avoid the color ink or divider. It can scatter the employer’s attention.

* Enter Curriculum Vetter Summary below your name and address. Please mention some important skills and qualifications here. Summary is not big enough to exceed five lines.

* Specify your professional experience information from the latest to the first. In the meantime, all the companies, your posts and few words tell about your achievements.

* Briefly summarize your educational qualification and relevant degree data.

* At the end, briefly summarize all your personal information. For example: birthdays, marital status, religion

* Learn about employers well. Then create the resume accordingly.

* Enter the resume, known as aerial or timepiece, in Romance 10/12 point.

Use a good offset paper instead of thin paper. And print laser for clear and shiny resume.

* Choose a light colored paper to give specialty (for any color other than white).

* Do not use additional italic sounds, titles and underlines.

* Please attach a small cover letter to your resume, to let you know why you feel fit for the title.

* You must keep a copy of it when you send the CV to each company. This is very important. Because you have to create separate CVs for each separate post and separate company. And after sending the CV to different companies, you may forget if you are invited for an interview from any one, you have to write a type of CV for which position.

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