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Look divine in Durga Puja

In Durga Puja, the few days of massive festivities that country has, surpasses the grandeur and opulence of e other festivals across the country. Food, fashion, beauty, people from every aspect of life become vibrant and radiate the enthusiasm of this occasion. People from all religion nowadays celebrate this occasion.
So it is important to look best in these festive days. Makeup artist of Divine Beauty Lounge, Makeup Maestro Bapon Rahman says,” Bengaliana must be visible in puja look. Everyone wants a traditional look for Puja. So before applying any makeup, the face should be cleaned properly and toner should be used. If you are using primer then there is no need to apply toner. Moisturizer should be used for the base make up. After moisturizer use a good foundation.”
Bapon Rahman Makeup Artist & Partner of Divine Beauty Lounge
“For eye makeup green, purple etc are the colour palates. One should use thick line kohl. Here black is preferable.  Remember that Bindi is a must for grooming in this season. One can do a small alpona on the foreheads,” says Bapon Rahman.
Lipstick is an important part. “For Puja grooming Red, Coral, Orange colour will suit. Other colours can be used but for Puja these colours are preferable. Matte finished lipstick or creamy matte lipstick can be used,” says Bapon Rahman.
Look for Puja means Simple, Elegant and beautiful.  Glossy shimmer should be avoided in day time make but for night time it will make you more gorgeous. For hair traditional, braids, buns with flowers will give you a divine look for the occasion. Marigold, China rose, Jasmine, Frangipani can adorn in hair. Nail polish can be used in nails. Here also red colour is preferable. If you what you can use Alta to create a more traditional look be you have to be little cautious.”
So get ready to celebrate this grand occasion.




Source : Daily Observer


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