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The Mistakes That Make The Food Poisonous

the mistakes that make the food poisonous.

Some major health risks are in your kitchen. That is, some cooking habits can poison your food. These habits should be changed today to avoid your health risk. Here are the mistakes that make the food poisonous.

* Cook the wrong oil
Cook with olive oil? But it only applies to some foods. Cook with a bowl? But is it better than Butter? Coke with coconut oil? But there are actually many reasons for not cooking with coconut oil. So what is the most healthy oil for cooking? Chicago-based physician, Maggie Miklaj, recommends knowing about the oil before buying it and before using it in everything. He said, ‘There are several smoke points in the oil, the smoke point is the temperature where the oil starts to burn and when the oil starts smoking, the fat breaks out and the damaged radicals in the air from the oil emit.’ The high smoke point oil is good for cooking at high temperatures, – Avocado Oil (Refined), Almond Oil, Canola Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Peanut Oil, Sapphire Oil, Sesame O Yale, and Sunflower Oil. Regardless of the soybean and corn oil smoke points, you should use these two oils less, because they have found diabetes connections in the study. In addition to avoiding additional calories, the use of oil during cooking should be controlled.

* Heat healthy oil more 
It is comparatively better to add oil salad to low smoke points or to the already cooked food, but not to cook at high temperatures. Jon Rosh, director of Just Product Product Development, said: “Some oils (such as olive oil or olive oil and coconut oil or coconut oil) are destroyed when the nutrient content is cooked at high temperatures above the smoke point.” He used grapeseed oil or grape seeds Oil and sunflower oil, or sunflower oil is recommended to use a neutral oil. He wants to use the extra virgin oil or flaxseed oil to save taste and nutrition in the cold sauce and prepared foods.

* Fry the food
Even though the more fried foods are delicious, it can be dangerous for health. Dietetian and Nutritionist Jeanette Kimksmal said, “If fries or fries are healthy, it can become food rich in trans fat.” Fried foods have been linked to various health problems like heart disease and diabetes. If you can not remove addiction to fried foods, then buy airfire. With this device, you can cook your food without any oil. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods without any such trans fat.

* Burn the meat to black
As the raw meat or non-cooked meat, such as health risks, the excess cooked (burnt black) meat can also cause health problems. Kristen Couple, founder and director of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program at College of Health Professions, Pays University, said, “The preparation of compounds called heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during cooking of meat at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (which is usually the case of grilling or pan frying) Is it It can be harmful to DNA. But in the study, these compounds can be activated with enzymes associated with the risk of metabolism. “Kapell said,” Avoid cooking food in an open flame or hot metallic (metal containers), stirring frequently during cooking and meat burns Cut off the black part. ‘

* Use wrong pots to cook food
It is also important to know which ingredients are consuming food, as well as to know which ingredients are made by the animals. Dr. Raul Searno, a doctor of Funeral Medicine at Palmhorn, Florida, said, “The biggest cause of food poisoning is nonstick meat poisoning. The tablets used in the preparation of cookie sheets, muffin pans and friespan contain PERFEULOOCTNEACE acid chemical (PFO or C8). Some studies have found that there is a connection between the PFO and the liver failure. Dr. Serena recommends using healthy options such as cast iron, glass, ceramic and stainless steel

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