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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Strict

by Ira Zenith

Any day could be the start of your upcoming change. It takes courage to change the old views and thoughts… The “I can do it“ feeling is the core of a new start.

There are 10 realistic resolutions to meet.

Plan ahead. Write down your plan with every possible detail.
Set realistic goals. It’s better to focus on a key target and be single minded about achieving it.
Be specific. Always be there with a ready smile. Say ‘good morning’ to everyone you meet in the office. Your resolution should include not only what you want to change but also why you want to change and how you want to change.
Start saving with a mission. Stop living from one pay check to another and start to save for a better future.
Please yourself first. Stay focused on your personal needs and plan for your personal achievements.
Ask for help. Whenever you feel drained … immediately ask for help from your subordinates and peers.
Try substitution. If something is not fitting in; think and try the substitutions.
Use reminders. Hang the reminders before the eyes.
Never say never. If you are asked for doing a totally new job, just try with the proper research done personally, through a web search.
10.Don’t give up. Try, try again until you achieve your desired success.

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