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An Interview with the Science-Fiction creator

An interview with a science fiction creator…

Tarunnoloak had an interview with The USA based Science-fiction creator… Author Ron Kivett

This interview conducted by Ira Zenith For the Tarunnoloak Bangladesh

Ron is a well-known science fiction writer. He gave us some time to know about him

Author: It’s very gratifying to know that people all over the world like what

I’m writing…

Tarunnoloak: Let’s start from the emerge of the writer….

Author: I have always been a storyteller even when I was a kid in school. So, I’ve been telling stories and writing them for almost 70 years now. I was born in 1943.

Yes! I used to entertain my friends and teachers with my wild story-telling.

T: That’s interesting and exciting … when did you realize that storytelling might be your main job. You are quite serious about story-planning…

A: As a child in school I was very Dyslexic, and still am to this day. Back then they just thought you were stupid if you couldn’t read and write like other kids, so to make up for that I learned to tell stories… I  couldn’t write them down, but I could tell them.

T: You turned yourself as a fighter, must appreciate your efforts.

A: Yes! I could say that it was a bit defense mechanism for me. In school I knew I was smart, I just didn’t know it how to show it. Back then the teachers didn’t even know what Dyslexia was.

T: Tell me about your personal life, your father, mother, siblings, life partners, children…. Last but not least your fans… And an elder sister who lives in Arizona. My sister and grew up in a farm in Indiana.

I loved being on the farms and outdoors and be by myself.  Indiana is a state in the midwest part of The USA back then it was made up mostly of rural farms.  I was born in Jasper, Indiana which is in the Southern part of the states.

T: Your love interest … and how you two met… your first love…

A: I met my first love when I was in high school after we moved to Florida. I met the lady I married to now in the state of Louisiana, we’ve been together for 20 years.

T: Wow that’s nice.

T: Which book shook you, gave you goosebumps while writing?

A: Since I failed every English course I ever had I developed my own style of writing stories …  they are fashioned in the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

T: That is praiseworthy

A: Yes both of my books are available online @ Amazon. com

Knights of the Karriene  moon

Is the first in the series

And that is followed by the Warrior King

T: Do you have anything to tell … to the aspiring writers?

A: What I would tell the It’s the only way to tell your story. Secondly, there is a lot of stuff on the internet about self-publishing… I’ve found  that publishing your first book  is the easy part

It is selling your first book that is the hard part. So make sure you understand marketing if you’re going to go into this.

T: Who are your favorite Authors?

A: My favorite authors are Edgar Rice Burroughs in his Mars series. Ray Bradberry, and Arthur C CLARKE

T: What is your favorite quote?

A: My favorite quote is

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look, change.

T: Let’s talk about your UFO books

A: I have been a UFO  investigator for many years, that also started back when I was a kid in Indiana … I* had a close-up encounter with the flying saucer when I was 15. It changed the way I look at everything.

T: That’s a real experience.

A: I have some old articles on YouTube The tale of something… the UFO stories. Hopefully, my first book about UFO’s will come out next year as well.

T: We are looking forward ….

Thank you, Ron, we had a nice time.

A: My pleasure.


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