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How can you stop your divorce

how to stop divorce

Your marriage may seem a mystery to you. Or it may be that your loved one is still unknown to you. Although the failure of some relationships can be understood from the beginning, some relationships seem to be fair, but after a certain time, it becomes dysfunctional.

Some researchers have identified issues of divorce or divorced predictions, which are quite effective in most cases and they use these precautions to find out how to stop divorce.

“It is essential to use scientific methods to properly understand relationships,” said David Bennet, a relation specialist with Basel Magazine. There are several effective methods through which the relationship can be made more beautiful and peaceful.

American psychologist and relationship expert Dr. John Gottman has made great success in this study. Different types of behavior and speech. Gotman can make a difference between happy and unhappy couples. In the case of divorced prediction, his research is about 90 percent accurate and is now widely used in the field of various types of research. It may be difficult to put your eyes in a scientific research paper to understand the relationship, but Dr. It is easy to use Gottman’s strategies in different romantic relationships.

Understanding the science behind various romantic relationships to make the wedding life beautiful and joyful, it is easy to keep up with the relationship. According to scientific research, there are 9 strategies that prevent the divorce. The first episode of this two episode will be held today.

* Magic ratio
If there is a quarrel among a couple, negative aspects are usually more prominently than positive ones. As a result, the quarrel becomes somewhat confused. But Dr. Gottman studied on happy couples and observed that if they have a quarrel with them, they give more time to positive times. As a result, the ratio of good and bad moments of their relationship stands at 5 vs 1. Dr. Gotman called it a magic ratio. Although there are conflicts between these couples, they avoid the conflict between laughter and ridicule.

For those couples who easily decide on divorce, this ratio is 1 vs 1 or less. That is, the stability or quantity of good and bad moments in their married life is almost the same or the number of times better. So to make your relationship even sweeter, you have to adopt some tactics. Dr. According to Gottman’s research, minor issues such as hand-holding, joking, showing sympathy and apology may make your relationship stronger.

* Not being aggressive
False talk or arguments are very common in a married life. Dr. According to Gotman, if a husband or wife attacks aggression in a minor argument or a quarrel, then their marriage will be hampered, and this is one of the most divorced predictions for the future.

Dr. Götmann said, “Usually the first 3 minutes of any argument or quarrel can be understood as the inner mystery. So discuss the matter with your partner without engaging in the discussion and the positive aspects of the discussion are to point to your partner. Do not talk about any kind of criticism or extra criticism. ‘Carefully deal with the situation by carefully analyzing the situation. Your bridal life will be happy with a little bit of this strategy.

* Do not criticize the partner
Languages related to ‘always’ or ‘never’ do not bring good results in relation to a relationship with a partner. Whenever there is always a criticism of the partner, the married life accelerates to the divorce. Dr. Gottman has said in his research about four types of negative behavior towards a partner, which ends a relationship with him. These four behaviors are – criticizing, ignoring, being extra sensitive and avoiding. If these four things are related to any relationship, then that relationship does not last long. Happy couples avoid themselves ‘you think only about yourself’ and ‘you are very selfish’. When they are usually hit by one another, they open it to the partner.

* Do not neglect
The first 3 minutes of your argument with your partner is a very dangerous time, it is important to avoid difficult and hurtful language at this time. Even in the middle of the argument. Taking an affair with a partner during a dispute can lead to a bad relationship. Dr. Gottman said, ‘If you have authority over your partner and talk to him, then it will be seen as one of the reasons for divorce.’

Some of the happy couples do not talk to someone negatively or they do not try to dominate each other. They believe that they are both equal and each other’s suitable companions.

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