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The Headphones that are safe for ear

types of headphones

We know that listening to music with headphones can cause hearing impairment. Like noise pollution, headphones cause similar problems.

A 2010 study found that 80 percent of the girls were subjected to hearing loss due to listening to music by wearing headphones on their music device. If you are aware that listening to loud music in your ear, you must always listen to the sound level. But there are special types of headphones that can reduce the amount of safe or at least hearing capacity for ears.

Currently, there are various types of headphones and earbuds or earphones available in the market. For example, the big headphones of Noise Cancelling Technology, starting from the small era of Bluetooth technology. However, whether there should be earbud on your headphones or earphones, or not, should be aware of its harmful effects on your ears. Acoustic specialist Dr. Robert A. Dobby told Time Magazine in 2017, “It is not an important issue to have earbuds in headphones to reduce hearing loss.” According to an American based on hearing aids, if any of the 70 decibels, then any sound is safe. So if you listen to music on the headphones in this specific dimension of words, any headphones are safe for you.

However, in a particular case, your headphone type is related to the reduction of hearing loss. And that is, the headphones are in a noisy environment, ie, the noise cancellation facility headphones. The Headphone Speaker part of the Noise Cancellation Technology is covered with foam and other substrates so that the headphone can prevent external noise when it is in the ear. Headphones that do not have this protection system and the headphones of your ears are very close, causing damage.

If you already have hearing problems, using Noise Cancellation Headphones will not be the best solution. In this case, the new innovative headphones are IQ Bad. These headphones sit very nicely in the ear and while listening to the ears, the surrounding conversation is clearly heard while listening to the songs.

Use headphones to protect your ears from harmful effects (such as noise cancellation) that give clear sound and you do not have to increase the volume to avoid the surrounding word. Moreover, the headphones must be used properly. Kevin Taylor, the Product Technologist of Action on Hearing Loss, said, “Always start listening to music with a small volume and slowly increase the volume and take it to your level of ease. Never listen to high volume on the high-volume music. Because your hearing may be severely damaged. So beware of this. ‘

Due to listening to music by headphones or earphone phones, the rate of hearing loss may be reduced in the future. Because the technicians are working to take the word technology to more modern day by day.

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