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Diversify your Thinking & Remove Dependency

by Sharmin Islam Mouri


Students are the power of the generation.They have the capacity of leadership, entrepreneurship and creating a drastic change for the development of the society.

But to make a potential group of quality students, it is necessary to give them a proper guideline which will help the country to make a country which can eliminate the unemployment.

For this betterment it is a must to moderate or modernize the education system, because as a human being a person can learn or acquire a large experience or gather knowledge by their total time period of school, college and university.

In our country, the students only just try to make themselves as a machine for a designated post.

But if we can make them aware about the self-employment, then they will generate their ideas and try to apply their ideas to take the productive sectors.

By this way, it can be possible to remove the unemployment ratio allover the world. Also, this strategy will enhance self-confidence and make a protect and strong generation which will not depend on the large organization but also on self-ideas and thought which will lead us to make a better world.



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