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The United States Stops Assistance in Palestinians

Despite the peace talks in the Middle East, the United States has stopped giving assistance to the Palestinian government. According to a news published on Israeli-based Iittauviet News, on Monday, the United States has stopped helping the United States as part of the Taylor Force Agreement. The United States has taken such steps to stop the militant activities of Palestinian militant groups and to eliminate militant activities.

According to The, a White House official and a Senate official said several Palestinian programs have been postponed due to the coming of the West Bank and the USAID office in Gaza in the coming year. An official associated with these programs told ITEF to News that the United States has stopped the transfer of funds last May.

At the same time, a Palestinian official said that at the beginning of this year, the US has told Palestinian authorities to verify the budget for assistance.

White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner told Arabic-language newspaper Al Quds that the trump administration plan will be published soon with peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. Kushner expressed disappointment over Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas He said the plan to negotiate peace without the help of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be broken.

Kushner said, “The world community is frustrated with the peace process. If President Abbas expresses his wish to come to the negotiation table, then we are willing to take part. ”

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