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Joya Ahsan 5 Big Screen Movie Within Four Months


Five movies of Joya Ahsan will be released in four months from July. Among them, four are in Kolkata and the rest will be released in Bangladesh.  Joya Ahsan herself confirms the news.

This year, the screening of Kolkata will be held captive. In the next four months, Jaya will be releasing four films in Calcutta. Joya said, ‘Christcross’ directed by Birsa Dasgupta, will release in August. In September, ‘Rain Tale Dela’ directed by Arnab Pal, ‘Mukta’ directed by Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay-Nandita Roy and Kaushik Ganguly directed ‘Bijoya’ in the film ‘Bijjana’ in ‘Bisjan’, directed by Shivprasad Mukhopadhyay-Puja festival.

Meanwhile, Joya Ahsan is produced and starred in ‘Devi’, which will be released in September. There are also ‘Beauty Circus’ directed by Nurul Alam Atiq’s ‘Payarar Subash’ and Mahmud Didar in Bangladesh, in the editing table.

Joya Ahsan is doing a great busy time with the promotion of free movies and post-production work. Meanwhile, Joya has expressed some dissatisfaction with the slow release of film in Kolkata and slow pace of Bangladesh.
She said, “But I was more focused on Bangladeshi movies. If the picture does not come, then I have nothing to do. I’m certainly focusing on my country’s movies. ‘Devi’ is in my hands. That’s releasing it. The others are not in my hands. They did not shoot them two or three years ago, but it is my misfortune. ”

She further said, “In Calcutta, my picture has been released for a long time after one release. The pictures here are quickly reached to the viewer. The pictures here are not reaching the audience at the right time. It is a matter of great sadness, this is no more. ”

Meanwhile, the film ‘Khoj’ directed by Akram Khan, based on the story of Partition, was shown in Calcutta in Kolkata. The film, directed by Joya Ahsan at the Bangladesh Film Festival, was organized by the Federation of Film Society India on Tuesday afternoon.

The actress told Glitaj that the film was taken by the audience gladly.
Joya said, “There was a lot of interest in the ‘cage’. Because Bangladesh has a work on Partition. There has been some work in India, some significant work has been done in Bangladesh also in 1947. The ‘cage’ has a historical value, as well as waiting to see my Bangladeshi’s work. I just talked, they said, it’s going to be very hot, the project on a very big screen is ‘Cage’.

According to Joya, viewers of Calcutta are also part of the victims of Partition. The film has been pronounced in their previous generations.

In his commentary, “I am hoping that people of Kolkata can relay very well. Because many of them had become refugees in a sense from Bangladesh. Whose next generation is still there. They are very interested in seeing the picture. I’ll tell you after seeing the picture. ”
Thank you to the Federation of Film Society. Their expectations are to look at the good pictures of Bangladesh.

Joya is being discussed in two Bengali films, suddenly turned away from Chowringhee’s film, created in the direction of Shreejit Mukherjee. Her claim, there was some intimate scene in the screenplay that was uncomfortable for her.

Joya said, “Exposure was a little too much. Scort’s characters are now being made by the utility. I agreed verbally. But after the screenplay was created and I think that the exposure is a little too much, which would make me a bit uneasy. ”

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