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The 6 Strange Things That Happen Before The Storm

The 6 Strange Things That Happen Before The Storm

If you never know about the weather, nature itself will tell you that heavy rainfall is going to start.

* The tree leaves turn upside down
The conventional concept is really reasonable. Before the storm hits, the water vapor is upwards. As a result, when the wind hits the skin, without the usual difficulty, the tree leaves inverted and the bottom part of the leaf shows.

* The worsening insects decrease
A study published in PLOS One Journal said that before the rain, when the air pressure decreased, insects lose interest in meeting. Researchers have observed the mating behavior of different species of pests – Coco Beetle, Potato Aphids and True Armiverm moth, and have seen similar reactions in three species. When the felt that the rain is going to occur, the female worm provides less seductive indications and male pests do not respond strongly to their pheromones. If they are very close to each other, they meet, but instead of ending complete confrontation, it is possible to end fast reconciliation.

* Birds leave the place
In 2013, scientists were confused when looking at the migration of the golden-faced singer birds, when they suddenly flew towards the Tennessee Mountains, instead of flaming, they each fly apart. Then there was a storm of 560 miles, but there was apparently no change in the speed of the wind, the snow or the atmospheric pressure, through which it can be understood. After the storm is over, the birds come back again. Researchers can understand that birds can ignite the sound of those small waves, which people can not hear.

* The air smell changes
Before returning to the rain, there is a certain odor in the air. The fresh aroma that is found in your nose comes from the ozone layer. When the storm comes, the downward air forces the ozone layer molecules to surface the surface. As a result, it arrives in your nose.

* Bees work more
According to a study by Jiangxi Agricultural University, the bees already know that rain is going to rain and they continue to store food for preparations. Scientists have watched over 300 bees for more than a month and discovered some interesting facts: Bees work more than normal before the rain because they do not want to get out in the rain.

* Dogs are terrified
If your dog is scared of the storm, then he may start different kinds of bizarre behavior before the storm comes. A webmd’s report says that dogs can predict bad weather, as dogs can ignore the changes in atmospheric pressure, listen to low-frequency thunder, and feel stable electromagnetic waves. These changes make the dog abnormal and hide the dog, scratch the ground and run fast.

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