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Boney Kapoor Has Been Emotional Watching Jhanvi Kapoor’s movie

bollywood actress Junkie Kapoor

Junkie Kapoor, the eldest daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor couple. She is going to step into Bollywood with the movie ‘Dhadak’. The movie will be released after a few days.

Meanwhile, before watching the release of the movie, Boney Kapoor saw it. She got emotional after seeing the daughter’s daughter. According to an interview with Indian media, the daughter of Sridevi said.

Janvi Kapoor said, “He (Boney Kapoor) was very emotional. He liked the movie and was very happy. He is very proud of me. I believe, through the work, I can make others happy. ‘

Released in 2016, the remake of the serial movie of the Marathi language woken up. Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishan Katar has played opposite Jannavi in this film directed by Shashanka Khaitan. The film is about to release on July 20.

Before that, Janwi said that before his death, his mother watched 25 minutes of Sridevi Barrak movie. Even advised to change some things in the life of late Sridevi.

Janvi said, “He gave technical attention to the subject. The first thing he said to me, that I have to fix is that the mascara has gone to Lapse, which has bothered him. The second part of the movie is a little different. He told me, ‘Do not put anything on your face.’ He told me these words but he was very happy. ”

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