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Viñicius: from Road to Real Madrid

Brazil's new Neymar Vinicius

The news of the rise of Neymar was in the face of almost everyone’s face. Neymar goes to Limelight with a wonderful football gift in Santos. The whole world sang to know that the new star is coming to Brazil. It is also almost ten years ago.

At the time, there was no player with the Hawkad in the Brazil team. But suddenly a surprise boy is going to discover the boy Brazil His name is Vincius Jr. It is said that Brazil’s new Neymar Vinicius.

Brazill Footballer Vinicius

Brazill Footballer Vinicius

Age is only 18 But Venecius has taken the place in the big squad right now. Spanish giant Real Madrid teamed up with him With 38 million pounds, he gave a surprise surprise to the team. In 2013, Barcelona brought Neymar Jr. from Santos to 49 million pounds. But Neymar turned around and Santos’ best star. On the other hand, Vinceius does not have any star performances. But his talent is taking him far away.

On Friday, Real Madrid fielded Vincius Jr in front of everyone in Santiago Bernabeu. Brazilian legend Ronaldo was next to the young footballer. Vinicius has got the courage to get Ronaldo in Real Madrid’s Hall of Fame. However, there was no number given for Vinceius’s jersey. It is speculated that Venice will be sent to Real Madrid’s ‘B’ squad first. Then it will be called in the original squad.

The rise of vinicius is not very easy. Rio de Janeiro is the inner city of São Gonzalo Venice was playing football on the street there. His football talent was so great that at the age of ten, Flamengo was adding him to the club. He will make his debut in the Under-15 team in three years. Venecius came to Rio at the age of 14.

After coming to Rio, spell the frenzy in the local football competition. He is called in the Brazil Under-17 team. South American Championship wins for Selesaad Knowing about his football knowledge and tactics, he was interested in seeing Real Madrid. Venecius got it all.

Real contract with him last year. This year unveiled him. It is assumed that after playing a few months in ‘B’ team he will be taken to the main squad. But in the main squad, he has to prove he will be in the ‘B’ squad.

Vinicius believes he can represent Real Madrid very quickly. Confidently said, ‘Thanks for making my dream come true. I have come to Real Madrid very easily. My teammates and club officials will prove that I’m ready to play. ‘

Hopeful of him, Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez His comment, ‘Looking forward to watching him, Brazil and Real Madrid are all around. We are hopeful we can take him to the field. ”

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