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I Am The Biggest critic Of Me: Jacqueline

Bollywood Actress Jacqueline Fernandez

Presently, one of Bollywood’s most popular actress Jacqueline Fernandez. In the past few years, she has presented many movies to the audience. In it, some of her movies have received praise, and in the face of criticism, the actress has to read in by her own eye.

However, critics of her performance in the film could not do a lot, Jacklin did not take it seriously. This actress has said this in an interview with Indian media.

Jacqueline Fernandez said, “Most of the time, criticism does not reach me very much. I can not even know. I do not read reviews or hear too much. I am the biggest critic of myself. I saw myself on the screen and analyzed my performance. If I do something good or can bring some change in a character, then I get recognition of him. Believe me, I do not have a wrong idea at once. I know where I have to work more, and where to take it right.

The latest released actresses released by Jacqueline were Zurwa-2 and Race-3. Two films are successful at the box office. In one of the movies, Varun Dhawan and the other played with Salman Khan, Jacklin has performed with Salman Khan. Which of the two are comfortable with acting?

Actress Katrina Kaif said, “Varun and I are very close friends, so working is also very easy. Salman’s name would have been good if he could say but he was very scared. I say because it’s just for his starring. I feel very relieved to work with Akshay Kumar. ‘

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