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Bollywood Actress Sonali Bendre Emotional Post On Friendship Day

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre. She is currently undergoing treatment in New York for cancer treatment. However, this actress has not suffered due to this impaired disease.

Today, on Sunday on the occasion of Friends Day, She posted an emotional posting in Instagram, Sonali Bendre posted a photo of Hrithik Roshan with Suzanne Khan, Gayatri Joshi Oberoi. In this post, he mentioned friends as the source of his energy.

Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre with Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne Khan and Gayatri Joshi

Sonali Bendre wrote in the photo caption, ‘This is me. And at the moment is very happy When I say such a situation, then everyone is surprised. Because of this, now I take the importance of every moment and try to enjoy it. Yes, there was a time when many troubles had to be tolerated and the strength was low. But I did my favorite job, spent time with my dear people and love and enjoyed great pleasure. Very thankful to my friends, they are the source of my energy, they have come to me at a short notice and helped me. Even during their busyness, I received a phone call, message, or face-to-face, and I never allowed myself to feel lonely. Thanks a lot for showing real friendship. Happy Friendship Day, I found you in my lucky life. A picture cannot be understood by your importance. B.D. Now it takes less time to prepare because there is no problem in hair care. ‘

Sonali Bendre told about the incident of cancer earlier this month. Microblogging site Twitter itself said on this information.

In 1994 Sonali Bendre walked in Bollywood with Aag Film opposite Govinda. Later, he made his place in the heart of the audience through form and acting skills. Last seen in 2013, Owen Apne A Time In Mumbai Dubra movie

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