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Iranian Film Shooting In Bangladesh!

Iranian Film 'Shabi K Moh Komel Shod'

Bangladeshi directors go out of the country to find new locations for film shooting. Outside managers came to Bangladesh. On Friday, the busiest area of the capital, Karwan Bazar, has been sworn in by the director Nargis Abiar. He has selected some important places in Bangladesh for his new film shooting. It is known that the name of the film ‘Shabi ki moh Kamel Shod’ The shooting of this film began on Thursday in Dhanmondi. It is said that Bangladesh’s coordinator of the film Mumtaz Al Rashid

Mumtaz al-Rashid has been in Iran for a few years now. He said, doing a Ph.D. in a university there. Besides, he is also associated with Fazal Film Festival. He also translated the Iranian serial ‘Yusuf-Julekha’, ‘Karbala Kahini’, ‘Ashaheb Kahaf’, ‘Crusade’ and the translator of SA Television. Apart from this, the new photo of Ananta Jalil is associated with this.

Mumtaz said that the Iranian picture ‘Shabi ki kam kamal shod’ has the meaning of ‘moon which was a full moon at night’. 20 percent of the photo will be in Bangladesh. Dhaka’s Dhanmondi, Karwan Bazar, New Market will work in eight days. Eprothomalo

Regarding the reason for choosing Bangladesh in the film shooting, Mumtaz said, “When the story was being talked with director Nargis Abiar, then the name of these places in Bangladesh suggested. Then we showed pictures of these places. Then he said, many places of Bangladesh still have their own personalities. So from the very beginning,ng he was interested in working here. He was surprised after coming to Bangladesh, although he was initially in a little confusion. According to him, many things are now imposed in Iran. After seeing Karwan Bazar, the director said that it would have been changed in Iran. Something was done in scientific ways, but the market’s individuality is still maintained. I was surprised to see Kamarpatti. Some places of Bangladesh were still as it was 47 years ago. It was needed in the story of the film. For these reasons, Bangladesh is chosen for shooting.

Alongside Bangladesh, ‘Shabi ki Moh komel shod’ will be shot in Iran and Pakistan. Shooting in Bangladesh is necessary for the story. Mumtaz al-Rashid sai, after the Bangladesh shooting, will be done in Pakistan.

Pictures of a romantic story of ‘Shabi ki moh komel shod’. There are plans to release the film in Bangladesh. Alenaz Shakirdusta, Hutan Shakiba performing in different roles in the film, Saadra Uraafayi in the angels.

Nargis Abiar, one of the Iranian makers. Last year, during the 90th Oscars, he made his debut in the Foreign Language Film category ‘Breath’ about the Iran-Iraq War. In the fil,m a beautiful fantasy world of a child is shown. It was taken from the war of turmoil in the Iraq-Iran war of 1980. Mohammed Hussain Kashemi, husband of Nargis Abiar, produced the film. She is also the producer of ‘Shabi K Shah Kamal Shod’.

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