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Widow Maker: The Most Deadly Heart Attack

The most serious of a heart attack widow maker

The most serious of a heart attack, Widowmaker. It attacks healthy people without any warning.

Any heart attack can be fatal, according to this view, Widowmaker is unique, which makes it noticeable and alarming – where is it going to the Left Antarior’s Descending Artery (LAD)

LAD provides blood and oxygen in the entire front of the heart (larger than other coronary arteries supply). Clog or obstruction in LAD reduces heart’s blood by about 40 percent. There is no negative impact on any other blockage of any other artery.

Professor Steven Bailey, of the University of Texas Health Science Center’s Cardiology Department at San Antonio, said, “This is a larger heart attack, where the risk of complications is high.” There are good chance and treatment to stop this heart attack from surviving death.

Dr. Bailey said, “Widowmaker is silent as well as deadly.” Those who suddenly died of coronary heart disease, half of them are not seen before. Many healthy and fit people attack this heart attack.

Men in the age group of 30 to 60 years are four times more likely to form of heart disease than women. Researchers are of the opinion that estrogen hormones can provide some protection to women, which decreases after menopause.

Consolation is one: Now a clogged artery can be cleaned faster by timely treatment. Analyzes such as treatment can be done – a narrow tuber (catheter) is inserted into the blocked coronary artery and it is expanded to a small balloon. Most people who have gone through the angioplasty process have a stent or ring installed to keep the blood vessels open.

Whether you live or not depends on the intensity and complexity of the videocamera and your fate also will be in your favor. Dr. Bailey said, ‘If you notice this in two hours, then the survival rate is 96 percent (depending on what your interventionist cardiologist is doing).’

The key to preventing a death from Wikipedia: heart attack is to evaluate your risk right now and take steps to save yourself if necessary.

Wydomaker and other heart attacks generally combine lifestyle and genetic factors. Cholesterol and fatty plaque causes clogging or obstruction in your arteries and disrupts blood supply. This may be a heart attack due to smoking, obesity, eatian ng unhealthy diet, not exercising, hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, aging, cardiovascular disease etc.

Like other heart attacks, the symptoms of the widomaker are the same, such as chest pain, chest pressure or feeling, one or both arms pain, back pain, neck pain, jaw pain or stomach ache, shortness of breath, vomiting, cold sweat, jaw pain, Etc. If these symptoms are revealed, seek medical attention, because quick treatment can save your life.

Can prevent vidomake by bringing healthier lifestyle changes. Try to stay healthy and stay active physically. Leave habits that are harmful to your body or heart. Especially food cholesterol and saturated fat will be kept under control. Get help from the doctor to learn about eating habits in the prevention of WDomaker. Another important issue is regular checkup by the doctor.

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