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Beauty competition in Hijab

Sarah of Iftekhar, a young woman in the United Kingdom. The 20-year-old Muslim has got the title of this news story, participating in the ‘Miss England’ fair competition in Hijab. The competition was nominated for the final episode.

The first contestant in the history of ‘Miss England’ beautiful competition, who is going to participate in Katwa by wearing a hijab. Sarah hoped to win the ‘Miss England’ crown in the final part of the event in Nottinghamshire’s Kelham Hall next week.

Social media is quite popular throughout the Sara. Often wearing pictures of Muslim rituals, posting photos in Instagram shows Sarah. But he recently deleted his Instagram account. Before deleting the account, posted a cell phone, wrote, ‘Wow! I am surprised to hear that I am surprised to hear that my name is mentioned in the final list of ‘Miss England’ contest. Alhamdulillah. ‘

‘Participation in this competition is an incredible experience for me, which I can never forget. I never thought that Miss England would get an opportunity to go to the contest file and I would be grateful for that.

Sara is studying law. Established its own business since the age of 16. For the benefit of underprivileged children, Sarah is also associated with the charity organization Go Fund Me.

Sara said about the beautiful competition, ‘I have participated in the beautiful competition to show that there is no definition of beauty, everyone is beautiful with its own qualities.’

The 50 Missouri selected from all over the UK to achieve ‘Miss England’ crown will be seen in the fight. The ‘Miss England’ winner will represent Britain in the ‘Miss World 2015’ competition in China.

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