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Nick Jonas told about his love story with Priyanka

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's engagement

The engagement has been completed. It is known from the family that the wedding day is right next year. But they themselves can not be separated. And so, together with Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, in New York.

There is a lot of buzz about them before the engagement. But neither of the two agreed to open the mouth. After the engagement, there was no barrier. And so Niko Jonas shared his love story reality show.

Recently, as a guest on ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, American singer and actor Nick Jonas shared his love story with Priyanka. Jimmy Fallon greeted her with the help of Priyanka at the beginning of the conversation.

Then Nick is questioned, how is his talk with Priyanka? Nick said, identity through their friend. Then the conversation started with the message. In this way, the conversation lasted for 6 months. Nick-Priyanka is going together in the middle of the neck. That’s their first meeting. Even then love did not start, but in the same way as Priyanka the identity of Niko

How their love started, Nick got a little embarrassed about Fallon’s question. Then started their love story. Nic said, after seeing the first in Met Gala, the matter turned on the other side. Then they are asked whether they are doing love at different events? Both of them were giving negative answers.
Nick said, “From now on, just 5 months ago our intimacy continued to grow. We felt that this was the right thing to do, so we are very happy.

Fallon asks Nick, do they have a nickname like other star couples? Nick also brought it publicly in the north. They are called ‘Prak’. You can take a look at the confessions of Nick

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