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8 mistakes of chicken meat cooking

mistakes of chicken meat cooking

If you are not aware of anything in cooking chicken meat, it may cause great harm to your health. Here are eight mistakes of chicken meat cooking related to raw chicken meat, which are important to be aware of.

* Long stay at room temperature
Many people kept the chicken or poultry meat slaughtered from the market and kept them unnecessarily. But at home temperature, the harmful bacteria can be developed in raw meat, and eating this meat can lead to various foodborne illness or food poisoning.

Do it: bring chicken or poultry meat to the market and keep it in the fridge immediately. Find out when you’re ready to cook it.

* Do not save properly
Raw chicken meat is leaking and drop drops of fluid out of the pot. It may be bad news, if this fluid comes in contact with your agricultural food.

Do that: Keep the chicken on the plate and cover it with the cover and down the refrigerator to the bottom.

* Wash before cooking
No need to wash before cooking chicken meat (not even). If you clean the chicken raw meat, the bacteria can come in contact with your body through the water spray and may be in the surrounding Surface.

What to do: Avoid the raw chicken, wash and send it to the frying pan or cooking dakchi!

* Do not marinate well
Flavored rich marinated chicken meat is very tasty to eat. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to soften the flesh. But keeping it in the chicken meat counters to be merged can be fatal, because bacteria can develop well when it is warmed. Do not use Marinade again after exposure to raw meat.

What to do: Marinate the chicken in a plastic bag (or any other closed vessel). At the end of the marinette, remove the bottle of pot.

* Re-use the equipment without cleaning 
Many are not very aware of the equipment used in raw chicken meat, for example, after cutting the chicken meat, after a few days it was cut out of vegetables or fruits without thoroughly cleaning it. The use of poultry raw meat, the use of other foods without proper cleansing or knife, is at risk of salmonella infection.

What to do: Wash the equipment of raw chicken meat thoroughly.

* Keep in touch with other foods
If you keep chicken raw meat with other foods or just where the raw meat is kept, it may be contaminated if you put other foods in it a little later.

Do that: Do not keep chicken raw meat in contact with other foods.

* Forget to clean hands
If you do not wash your hands well by touching raw chicken meat, then what you touch may be contaminated. Dangers from your hand may contain harmful bacteria in the new, countertop, sewing bottle and other things.

What to do: Be careful about touching raw chicken and not touching any other surfaces. If it does, then wash or remove the surface thoroughly. Try handling poultry meat in one hand, so you can catch a salt pot or water tap with another hand.

* Use sponges for months
You are aware of the washing or cleaning of raw poultry equipment or things, but cleaning these things with sponges may not make it very clear. If the sponge or other cleaner is not washed well, it can be a deadly pathogen and bacterial habitat.

Do that: Clean your sponge thoroughly every day and wash the dish towel regularly. Change sponge or cleaning cloth after two / three weeks.

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