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Mr. Bin is in Dhaka!

actor Rowan Atkinson

Renowned actor Rowan Atkinson’s new movie ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ are going to be released in Bangladesh before even the US and UK .  The film will be released on 5 October in the United Kingdom and on October 26 in the United States. But today the movie is released on Friday in Star CinePlace.

Rowan Atkinson starred in the movie Detective-Comedy based ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ directed by David Rowan Atkinson. Apart from Ben Miller, Emma Thompson and many others.

Rowan Atkinson will be seen as a tough but intriguing detective in the movie. He will conquer the hard-hitting all mysteries with a strong hand comedy. In the film trailer, Atkinson fired a missile and set fire to the French restaurant! There is an upheaval in everything around him. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Emma Thompson says to her: “The extreme chaos around the country, but Johnny English is stupid, silly.”

‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ is the third movie of the series ‘Johnny English’. The first movie of the series released in 2003 was ‘Johnny English’. Rowan Atkinson starred in the lead role of Rowan Atkinson Wherever the popular British actor is, there will be laughing and laughing at the stomach. This Spy Comedy was a great deal of service. Atkinson played the lead role in the series ‘Johnny English Ribbon’. And in the role of his boss X files star Gilen Anderson The second film also has a super hit business in the box office.

Atkinson Mr. Bin Animation series is broadcast in 195 countries. But 63-year-old Rowan Atkinson officially ‘Mr. Bin ‘retired. And ‘Strikes Again’ is perhaps the last movie of the actress as Johnny English.

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