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Standing in front of fame: Arfin Xunayed

Here is our blue eyed tiktok hero with his passionate smile
He is none other than Arfin Xunayed
Mesmerising the community with his attractive appearance… There is a difference between when you push and when you are standing in your power … This blue eyed hero explains the passion for his work and the success of the 11k views of his past videos … Born and raised in Saudi Arabia Mecca … his date of birth is 19th of September… Has an elder brother and a kid brother and a lovely sister … Educated from Mecca University still single … Busy with his career development and interested in media appearance.

Tiktok I’d : Arfinxunayed
Fb I’d : Arfin Xunayed
Page : Arfin Xunayed
Instagram: Arfinxunayed

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