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Akhi Ahmed : The new Tiktok darling from the block

 Interviewed by Ira Zenith

Her spontaneous expressions give us a feel-good feeling… she is Akhi Ahmed our Tiktok darling.

Born on the 29th of July, raised in Comilla … she was married off when she was appearing her SSC exams. After her 2 months of marital age, she got the message that she was going to be a mother… that good news stopped her educational life… She has a successful household to look after with two grownup sons and a service holder husband.
She fancy for looking good.

She started doing Tiktok 7 months from now to pass the quality time… Now she is quite addicted to it, fun, sorrow, romance, happiness… every single feeling is being portrayed through these 15 seconds videos where she can see herself in different roles— she admits with her cute smile.


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