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Just because you were not born with it, does not mean you can gawk at it


Sumaiya Tasnim

 We human beings are a strange creation. We seek out for diversity. We look for things that are different. We fight over rights, injustice and whatnot. We judge people who are weak just so that we can feel different about ourselves. Human beings. We have desires, passions, lusts and whatnot. You see, our society is a small (more like puny) part of the world. The world is moving fast. Somehow, we are stuck in a time where we cannot move forward neither can we look back. In a more general sense, we call our society, a “developing’ society.

Freedom is by all means our right. We also know the fact that we as a society are not free. You and I both know that. It is what we call an open secret. Social etiquettes on the other hand makes life so much easier. It is the easiest thing to do which in fact does not require academic proficiency nor capital expenditure.

Respecting a women is one of them. Making her feel comfortable with herself is one of them. Being sober is one of them. Not looking at her breasts is also one of them. I am not pointing out to all the men out there but let’s face it, majority will agree to the fact that the bosom zone, is that one zone they cannot look away from. There is always that excuse people use which I must quote- “If you wear clothes like that and put out, why should we not stare?” This certainly is one of the classics. This only makes us wonder why Tonu was raped, given the fact that she used to wear a niqab. Perhaps, I suppose we should call that a coincidence then?

Yes, women have breasts. All sizes. Large, medium, small. It’s an organ. What does it take for us to get over that? If only women could roam about the street and gaze at men’s crotch, this problem could have been pointed on both the directions. Maybe some do. But it doesn’t end up being a problem, only because women do not make it seem too obvious and certainly do not shut out loud to embrace God given creations that tend to be hidden.

Whether we wear a niqab or a salwar kameez or cover ourselves with a sack, there are always going to be people who would scrutinize the breasts area. I have seen men look at women in a sexual way and these women could be their grandmother. I am not being sarcastic. I am being real.

The generation we are born in is somewhat critical. There is a massive absence of communication competence with our elders. It is not our fault. It is the difference of opinions that makes us stand against each other. The society is bleeding and leaving bruises all over the place.We only trip again and again because the steps we are taking are wrong or perhaps the step to move up is not even there. Embracing a women’s beauty is a beautiful thing, gawking at her breasts though, not so much. So next time why don’t we look at a woman’s eyes instead of her breasts, or help them get a seat on the bus instead of shoving our bodies to them? Why don’t we all learn to be better than this? Why don’t we all just stop for a second and realize how amazing it would be to live in a society where we don’t have to say, “Ei shomajer ar kichu hobe na.” once in a while.Oh and Happy Ramadan.

Writer is a very contradicting and sarcastic individual who believes in unicorns. You can catch her in:

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