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Ways to build your word muscle

There is nothing more amazing than having a strong vocabulary. Skilled vocabulary can give you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Building strong word muscle is like a journey. Each day is a new chance to expand vocabulary which will open the door of better communication. By speaking and writing more concisely, it’ll be easier to explain anything properly.

Reading more and more is the easiest way to increase vocabulary. Reading exposes us to many words and ideas within a context that provides meaning and proper use of the word in a sentence. At the same time, those new words help us to better understand the root of similar words. Be it literature, novels, newspapers or magazines reading always help in enhancing knowledge and vocabulary.

Keep a word journal
You can keep a small notebook or journal. Write down the new words you are learning. This will give you a great chance to revise the words every week or month. When reading a book, try to note down unknown words so that you can check later. Write down any unknown word you hear or see in the journal, look it up later and keep boosting your word journal.

Keep one or two dictionary
Finding a new word in a dictionary, makes the learning process effective. Keeping English to Bengali or English to English dictionary can be very helpful in increasing vocabulary. Nowadays, you can carry it through your Smartphone as there are numerous dictionary apps. Consider installing app or software like “A word a day” to enhance vocabulary in a tech savvy way.

Watching English TV shows
Watching shows is an enjoyable way to improve your vocabulary. In shows, words are very much easy to understand. Suppose, when we are hearing English from the characters of the shows, the characters speak in context which we are watching and listening.

Using new words immediately after learning
Give a meaningful context to your just learned word. For example: Ubiquitous means present or found everywhere. Let’s think how it can be used in a sentence. Say, “We live in a society where risk has become ubiquitous.”
Remembering new words will be easy if you connect this word with other things that are already in your memory. Try to use the word in your regular conversation, message or the next mail you’ll be writing. It’ll enhance the chance of retaining.

Have fun with the words
Learning a language can be fun. The journey of strengthening word muscle can be enjoyable if you find fun in it. Your brain will help you to keep the words in your memory, if you send positive message to it.
Consider playing crossword puzzles, word jumble, scrabble, Boggle, etc. Solving word puzzles are an effortless way to improve vocabulary and critical thinking.

Set a goal

Set your own word goal. Opt for learning at least one word every day. Day by day increase the target. Set a practical goal and be committed to yourself. Use the newly learnt words while sending text message, mail or even in daily conversation. The goal of making expanding vocabulary will be accomplished very soon.
Strong vocabulary helps to communicate better whether it is speaking or writing. Those who write really well often have great vocabulary. By using the following tips in this article, you may already found your way to learn new words in strengthening your vocabulary. To strengthen your word muscle you just need the willpower. Motivate yourself and start from today.


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