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Could you pass Santa school? Check out how to be the perfect Father Christmas

Every year budding Santas are put through their paces to learn how to become the perfect Father Christmas.So the Daily Star Sunday went along to the Ministry of Fun Santa School, to see how the Santas officially approved by Father Christmas are trained.

The course is run by former actor James Lovell. He started an elf at a smart London department store and has learned how to give youngsters an amazing Santa experience.

The school, based in a south London office block, looks just like any other workplace.

Santa School

But there can’t be many in identical red and white suits trooping up and down the corridors.

One of James’ helpful elves soon had me in my own outfit.

The beautifully-made garment is worth £1,200, and comes with a special “belly apron” that helps slimmer Santas like me to achieve the perfect portly St Nick figure.

At 32, I’m starting to get the odd fleck of grey hair. But age is no barrier to becoming the white-haired wonder.


James and his team supply students with a white beard, wig and moustache made from real human hair which is bleached and styled into shape.James’ helpers added a few finishing touches, including white dye on my eyebrows, as well as blusher to give me a rosy nose and pink cheeks.

I was also given golden wire glasses, with strict orders to perch them on my nose so I can peer over them like the real Santa.

The look was so authentic that when I went outside to have photos taken an awestruck builder asked for a snap so he could show his young son who he met that day.

It was soon time for the hard work to really begin. James ordered me up in front of a dozen other wannabes to bellow the trademark “Ho! Ho! Ho!”.

Santas practices the trademark bellow

My initial attempts were rubbished as weak and unconvincing. But James showed me how to conjure up the greeting from my diaphragm, and push it up through my throat to give it a believable quality.

Two attempts later, my cheeks were naturally pink and James was a lot more happy.

My glory was short-lived though, as I got another telling off for walking back to my seat the wrong way.

My hurried gait was nothing like the slower, more thoughtful progress of the real Father Christmas. James spent the day dispensing useful nuggets that make for a believable grotto experience.

His tips ensure you appear to already know your young visitor’s name when they come to see you – just like the real Santa would.

Clever questioning can give the impression you know exactly what a child wants for Christmas, so they go home even more excited about December 25 than before.

By the end of my Santa School experience I had nothing but huge admiration for James, his students and their dedication to making sure Britain’s children enjoy their best Christmas ever.

Source : UK Daily star

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