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Wall of house made with television!

Wall of house made with television

We use plain sheet, bricks, etc. and wood of various trees to provide wall or fencing at home. But have you ever thought of giving a wall around the house with a television set?

The fact that we did not even imagine, that is what a resident of Hantham Island in Vietnam has done. He built the wall of the house with an old television set. The house on the road to the Hantham Island has now become the subject of discussion in the social media.

Thanathian, a Facebook user, recently posted some of the pictures of the house and posted it in a group named Kong Cho Cho. Then the pictures are viral. But the person who did not reveal the name of the owner of the house. Many of the social media users have praised the wall. They are saying it is a different enterprise and exceptional use of old things. Some have also criticized. Because television glasses and other accessories can be dangerous for children. Especially the environmentally conscious people are saying this harmful. Because the television’s cathode ray tubes contain harmful mercury and lead which can easily pollute the environment by mixing the environment with these old sets.

However, the house has responded well to praise or criticism. Every day someone is coming to see the wall.

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