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Instagram will introduce ‘college community’ feature

Instagram 'college community' feature

Instagram is going to bring a new feature called ‘college community’. Through this feature, university students can stay under a roof. Even alumni members may be able to join.

In fact, from the idea of Facebook, Instagram is going to launch a feature. Facebook also wants to build a college-exclusively social networking platform. Students will be as a member.

Students of the same institution can become familiar with each other through the college community feature. This feature will feature a separate class-based list. As a result, who is younger in age, who can be easily judged.

Members of this group will be able to see the public posts of other members in the group. They will also be able to send their messages if necessary.

Instagram authorities have said that this feature is currently in the experimental stage. It is expected that it will respond quite a lot to the customers.

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