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How to face hard questions in interview

How to face hard questions in interview

Many of us face interviews where the questioner confuses us. It seems you are being misled by misinterpretation of everything you say. How do you deal with such uncomfortable situations? First, try to understand, the hostile of the questioner may not be against you. Maybe he or she has been confused with his wife or a colleague before coming to the interview board, or he is not physically and mentally fit for that day. He is behaving so harshly. Maybe, he did not know the exact method of interviewing. It may be that his character is perhaps such a. Whatever the issue, you have to take effective steps to deal with such situations.

Correcting the wrong answer: If the questioner’s eye is raised in response to a question, dissatisfaction appears in his face, but try to quickly understand whether there was any mistake in your answer. Do not panic. Rather, ask the questioner politely – ‘Can I answer this question again?’ The questioner will find time to explain the reasons for his dissatisfaction and you also have the opportunity to renew your reply. It is important to try to amend any kind of confusion, or you can get out of the interview. Then there will be no way to return.

Take the negative reactions: Suppose, the questioner asked you, how do you deal with a challenge in the workplace? After answering the questioner said, ‘I do not agree with your views. The problem is not solved in our office in this way. “In this case, let the questioner know clearly that the internal environment of each company is different. Then again tell how to solve the problem in that company’s case. This may be the second opportunity to survive in the interview. Along with this, the opponent’s attitude of the questioner may be far away. This will prove to be a quality proof of your flexibility and quick thinking.

Interview means dialogue, do not interrogate: If you ask the questioner one question after another, then do not lose patience. Answer as far as possible. Keep a question as well as keep in mind. For example, if the organization takes any kind of steps to market new products or the company will reach any stage in the next five years, the questioner thinks. In this, the questions and types of the talker will change, as well as the information about your potential job field. Remember, the interview does not mean interrogation. Rather it is a kind of business conversation.

Whatever kind of experience you have given during interviews, you will not behave harshly even in response to the hostile behavior of the questioner. You will be damaged by this. The best way to control offensive questioner is to give evidence of talent while maintaining patience in the interview board.

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