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Samantha-Chaitanya Race!

south Indian popular star couple Samantha Rath and Naga Chaitanya,

Samantha Rath and Naga Chaitanya, the popular star couple from the south Indian film industry. After the long-lasting love, the pair finally married on October 6 last year.

In the box office, the competition for the star couple is rarely heard. And so the box office face Samantha-Chaitanya’s face has created an interesting curiosity. Samantha and Chaitanya, each other’s rival, because the two films were released in the same week.

Although there was a buzz that Samantha would release her movie release date for some time to avoid the clash with her husband at the box office. But now it does not seem to be anymore.

In this context, a source said in the Indian press that, on the same day, Chaitanya movie will be released one day before Samantha’s movie to avoid the freedom struggle. Chaitanya’s Cylaja Reddy Aluru movie will be released on September 12 at the box office. Samantha U-turn movie will be released on September 13. However, due to release in the same week, husband or wife rather than watching now, which movie will reign in the box office.

Meanwhile, another media report said that the release date for the release of the movie Cylaza Reddy Aluru was 31 August. But it was backed by Samantha. Samantha is quite aware of Chaitanya’s career. Sailaja Reddy Aluru has suggested making some changes in the movie. And the change was made to bring the change to date.

Chaitanya’s career now requires a blockbuster movie, which will lead him to the top roles in Qatar. For several years this actor has no blockbuster movies. According to Samantha’s advice, the date of release has been postponed to add some novelty to the film Sailaja Reddy Aluru. However, due to the release of two films in the same week, the box office will also have to fight.

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