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Chest pain is dangerous!

What to do in case of chest pain

If you eat savory foods, eat too much food, are adults or are pregnant, you may sometimes have a chest or heartburn. Generally, it is not something to be worried, but in some cases, the chest pain should not be neglected.

* chest pain can imitate a heart attack
Book syndrome may be similar to the symptoms of a heart attack or angina, such as cramping pain in the chest, which is caused by decreasing blood flow to the heart. There are some rules to identify booklets and heart attacks separately. If lying, the bookstore may be worse and face tone will be felt. But it can be an exception. If in doubt, the doctor should always seek refuge. If you feel tight on the chest, sweat will fall, if fade, too weak or lose consciousness, then go to the hospital.

* Your booklet can cause gallstones
The pistol is a strong digestive fluid, which can be made from a small organ oil powder on the right side of your abdomen. If the pelvic block is blocked, the crank will be felt in the middle of the stomach or on the upper right side of the abdomen. Pain is felt immediately after eating most of the time – which is similar to booky. If you have a stomach ache after eating, go to the doctor.

* Intense diarrhea may be the symptoms of GERD
People who have GERD are often booky. GERD is a chronic digestive disease. Talks get tired and burns. This occurs when stomach acids or components come into the pulp. It’s time to show the doctor if you have been cheated at least twice a week or a tip.

* GERD may cause Barat’s esophagus
If not treated, then the GERD Barrett’s esophagus can take shape. In Barrett’s esophagus, the level of tissue of diarrhea becomes like an intestinal level. This condition increases the risk of developing cancer in the gut tunnel.

* Chest pain of chest pain may be the disguise of breast cancer
A stomatal ulcer is the stomach wound. Stomach ulcer pain can be felt from the stomach on the upper side of the stomach and sometimes it may be similar to a chest pain. If not treated properly, ulcer’s stomach will cause bleeding and holes in the stomach wall and will cause blockage between the stomach and the small intestine. Some ulcers may need antibiotics for some ulcer itself, even if surgery is done by itself.

* Hiatus may cause chest pain due to hernia
Naturally, your diaphragm has a small hole through which the gutlet enters the stomach. Hyalal hernia occurs when you push up the stomach through this diaphragm hole. The stomach acids and food may come into your nervous system due to a large hernia, which causes chest pain. If you have a consistent bookmark, then you should go to the doctor. Usually it can be controlled with medicines but sometimes surgery may be needed.

* Acute kidney disease may cause esophagitis
Esophagitis is the result of the inflammation of the cereal, which is often due to the stomach acid coming out in the pulmonary gland. It may cause pain or difficulty in swallowing and causing chest pain. If not treated, esophagitis can cause diarrhea and may lead to complications like wound and swallowing. If your chest pain symptoms are more than a few days, do not get relieved with over-the-counter antacids, it is difficult to eat, have flu-like symptoms, or respiratory or chest pain (for a short time after eating), then consult a doctor.

* Biphma can be a cancerous symptom
In rare cases booklets can be a sign of stomach or diarrhea. If you have frequent bookmarks for three weeks or more or have difficulty in eating food, then you should be able to find a doctor. Other symptoms include the feeling of getting stuck in the throat, unwanted weight loss, gaseous condition, abnormal belly feeling, vomiting or vomiting and pain or discomfort in the upper stomach.

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