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He Dug 14 Ponds To Overcome Water Lacking!

the leader of the entire Karnataka Keme Kamiguada

Keme Kamiguada, this gentleman is today the leader of the entire Karnataka State. It is impossible for a young man to be twenty-five years old because the old man who has accomplished this aged eighty-year-old is impossible. To overcome the sufferings of the mountainous habitation and animal drinking water, the octogenarian man himself has dug 14 ponds. Not only that, thousands of trees have been planted across the entire hill area.

Kamiguaad started his great work almost forty years ago. Then the young man Kamyogua started to go to the mountains with his flock. To feed the sheep in the hills, he noticed that there is no living creature in the entire mountain. but why? From this thought, he realized that there was no water reservoir in the area around 10-12 miles, and the entire mountain became vacant. Besides, he also felt the need for drinking water for his flock.

Afterward, the thought of doing something came to her head. From that thought, one day seven days began to scratch the hole with a tree bite. For some days, a few feet of a tree with a branch of the tree poured holes. It is astonishing that suddenly the water started out from the hole. Kamaguaadaya got encouraged. Then started to grow the hole with a spade. Start from that Then the youth, after old age, he is now standing at the end of his life. But did not step aside from his work.

In 1970, he took the initiative of digging a small hole with a tree bud in which he dug 6 ponds in the year 2017. In recognition of his great work, he received the State Government Award in 2017. He has excavated more than 8 ponds with the help of modern machinery, without paying for the cash he has not paid for himself or his family. Besides, there is a road from the village to the hill.

Kamgewada has done so much for society and nature so much that she still lives very poorly. He lives in a small sling house with his wife, two children, and family. The livelihood of shepherding the flock all day. In this way, people want to spend the rest of their lives serving the people in nature and want to spend the environment. Kamwuada environmentalist

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