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Bangabandhu’s Biopic: What Said Three Directors

Bangalee Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangalee Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. There is a discussion between Bangladesh and India for making a film based on her life. India has suggested the name of Shyam Benegal, Gautam Ghosh and Kaushik Ganguly, the Indian director for managing this film. Recently the news of the issue revealed the country’s press.

Bangabandhu will be created with the film, but why would India build that question why many builders of Bangladesh many creators Even though the film will not be finalized yet.

Meanwhile, in connection with the creation of Bangabandhu’s biopic, in the Indian press, the seasoned director Shyam Benegal, Gautam Ghosh and Kaushik Ganguly spoke. The statements of these three directors were highlighted.

Shyam Benegal: Who will make the film about Bangabandhu actually depends on Bangladesh. There is always a problem with these things in our subcontinent. If I say that I am the best person to make a movie on Bangabandhu. The fact is, the proposal came to me. But I’m sure the skilled people who make this movie are definitely there too!

Gautam Ghosh: Yes, I agree that it is a strong emotional place in Bangladesh. In that case, if I am a director of Bangladesh with India, in this project, the best in my opinion. But I also want to remind, that the best movie about Gandhi but made a foreigner (Attenborough).

When the liberation war of Bangladesh, I am twenty-two years old. Tugabuga youth, I was also fierce in war tension. Today, I have been thinking about filming Bangabandhu this day, that’s a great thing.

Kaushik Ganguly: These are not really things to share. We did not share Rabindranath-Nazrul, music, and artists – we do not share great personalities, they are never even in a country. National anthem of Bangladesh is also written by Rabindranath.  Bangladesh should rather be happy to make an Indian movie about their national hero.

We live in a place where only two and a half hours are passed, and a different country begins. I was divided in my childhood. And if I can make a movie about the birth of that country today, I would be honored to say that I am honored?

On 12 July, a meeting between high officials of the government of Bangladesh and India was held in New Delhi on July 12, to ensure that the work of Bangabandhu’s biopic can be carried forward swiftly. The story on Bangabandhu is known to be released on March 17, 2020 just before his birth anniversary.

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