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Thief returned the stolen gold!!

stolen gold

This is called repent! Given the opportunity to get an empty house, a thief stolen gold jewelry. But the next morning he left the stolen gold at the door of the house. Not only that but with a letter of forgiveness, the thief can leave. It is also interesting to hear that in the Indian city of the state of Kerala, Ambalapuzaya, Ambalapujaya.

According to local police station officer Biju B Nahar, the NDTV report said that recently Madhu Kumar’s family of Rahaji Panchayat area went to take part in the wedding of the elder brother’s son. The house was empty. At this opportunity, the back door of the house was broken and thieves thief. She escaped with valuable gold and silver items in the cupboard.

Hooda has just lost her honey to return home. He immediately informed the police about the incident with the name of a suspect. Police named in the investigation. But the next day, on the door of Modh Kumar found a jewel of a stolen jewel and a letter.

It is known in the letter that the thief has repented for his misdeeds and returned the jewelery. She apologized for what she did. He also requested a thief in this regard that he was not arrested.

She wrote in the letter ‘forgive me. Because of the need for a lot of money stolen jewels. But I got it wrong. And I will never do this kind of work. Please do not complain to my name by the police. “Police said that no case was lodged in the incident due to refund of jewelery.

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