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Google Will Use ‘Fuchsia’ Instead of Android!

Google's new operating system Fuchsia.

oogle has been running a new operating system for a long time. The discussion further spread after several influential media has reported news about this last year. It is said that Android will be replaced by Google’s new operating system ‘Fuchsia’.

The Bloomberg report says that the Fusion operating system is being made in huge capacity. It will work as an alternative to Google Chrome and Android operating systems simultaneously. The report also says that this operating Fusion can be used on all devices made in the future by Google.

The team making the fuchsia operating system has been made more powerful. Different technology-based media say that the number of members of this group is more than 100. Fuchsia operating system voice commands may be supported.

Google Design Vice President Matthias Duarte is involved in the creation of Fuchsia operating system. They want to take Fisia to the top position in the next 5 years. Although the operating system will be unharmed, the company did not officially say anything about it.

Source: Bloomberg, gadgets now

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