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Earn Online By Delivering Food

online food delivery service.

Online means everything is in hand. When ordering all the essentials online, it is easy to get in the short run without any hassle. However, if you order meals online, you can reach your home within just one hour more. The task is very challenging too. Such an initiative has taken the initiative of Bangladeshi company, Foodmart.

For the last 4 years, the company is reaching the food order online at the customer’s doorstep. There are more than a thousand restaurants in the capital Dhaka, with the help of the foodmart. The order can easily be ordered through the website of the farmmart website or appetite.

On the other hand, the Raid Sharing Service is getting popular in the country. Receiving the passenger through the app, getting the rider, at the specified place, means getting riders. This is a service that started with the introduction of a new service in the fashionmart. When ordering food through the mobile app, Ryder will get a fee for the exchange, if it is collected from the restaurant and gets to the buyer’s home.

If you have a motorcycle or a bike and have a smartphone, then you can work as a freelancer / flexible rider in the foodmart.

If there is a registered rider’s smartphone, then the request for delivery of foods to him can be supplied to him. Then he can collect food from the restaurant and reach the buyer’s address. Rider will get good money in return. Anyone can do the free time. For him, he will not have to go a long way. He can reach food in the area of his or her work area.

Regarding this, the head of Operation Nazmul Hassan of Foodmart said a rider could see all his delivery and earning money in the mobile app. One student and one worker can work as a flexible rider of the commodity at the time of retirement and easily withdraw the cost of each month. If you work full time, you can earn 10 to 12 thousand rupees per month by running a Ryder bike.

Nazmul Hassan also said that to start the work, the account will be opened as a rider in the price of the commodity. The first time you need to open an account, photocopy of national ID card and one copy passport size photo. Once the registration is complete, the password will be given to access the mobile app and can be started.

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