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Salman-Akshay is in the List of Highest Earning Stars, not Shahrukh

Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan.

Forbes, one of the world’s top ten stars, has published a list of the world’s most celebrated publishers. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar’s name is in the list but not Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan.

Last year, from June 1 this year till June 1 this year’s list of world’s taxpayers has been made in the survey. Now, the collective revenue of 100 stars is $ 6.3 billion, which is 22 percent more than the previous year. Out of this, 11 stars have crossed $ 100 million this year.

According to Forbes survey this year, the highest-paid star American boxer Floyd Meweather. His income is 285 million US dollars. Akshay Kumar is 76th in the list. Salman Khan is in 82nd place. In the last few years, SRK has not been on the list for the past few years. She was 65th last year with $ 38 million in income.

The Forbes survey lists the names of the top ten among the highest paid stars:

1. Floyd Meweather (boxer) – 265 million US dollars

2. George Clooney (actor, businessman) -239 million US dollars

3. Kylie Zener (model) -166.5 million US dollars

4. Judy Shendlin (TV personality and lawyer) -147 million US dollars

5. Dwayne Johnson (actor) – 124 million US dollars

6. U2 (band) -118 million US dollars

7. Coldplay (band) – 115.5 million US dollars

8. Lionel Messi (footballer) -111 million US dollars

9. Ed Shrine (musician) -110 million US dollars

10. Cristiano Ronaldo (footballer) -108 million US dollars

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